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Smarter Trademark Search

Intelligent search algorithms generate instant, thorough search results with intuitive, information-rich visualizations.

TM TKO’s disciplined, comprehensive approach to search and graphical analysis of confusion and descriptiveness risks position trademark professionals to make well-informed judgments easier and faster. You can also set up automatically-updating firm and competitor portfolios to highlight representational conflicts and key competitive risks. See a sample search for Devil Donut Co. for restaurant services and doughnuts.

Coverage includes the United States (USPTO), Canada, Mexico, European Union (EUIPO), France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and WIPO.

Confusion Risk

Office Action Research

Perform full-text research on millions of Office Actions and Office Action Responses. Find model responses for novel or complex issues, research the types of arguments your Examining Attorney finds most convincing, and see how other lawyers are citing to key cases. Turn your research skills loose on the largest set of trademark decisions.

Office Action Search Criteria

Office Action Analytics

Issue-driven analysis: instantly provides you successful responses for similar marks for similar products or services to help you build on the successes of others. Pull any TSDR document in formatted PDF or plain-text format.

Examiner details: compare your Examining Attorney's allowance rates on this issue with others in that Law Office and at the USPTO overall, and see recent successful responses for your issue and your Examiner.

Citation histories: do deep dives into citation histories at a click. Easily understand complex webs of co-existence, assess your own chances of success, and see how the cited prior filings have interacted with other applications.

Office Action Analysis

Unlimited Watching

Watch all your clients' marks at no extra cost. Setup is simple with TM TKO's Portfolios. In a couple of clicks, you'll be watching all your clients' marks at no extra cost. Protect your customers and develop more business for yourself.

2(d) Citation Watch

Know whenever your clients' marks have been cited against a third party, and target high-priority filings likely to cause confusion and generate dispute matters.

Business Development Watching

Identify business development opportunities where unrepresented applicants face complex trademark issues.

Watch Import

Unique Prosecution Tools

TM TKO helps you get better outcomes.

ThorCheck finds similar marks registered by different companies for two different types of goods or services, providing quantitive evidence to push back on related-goods refusals. Inversely, you can also use ThorCheck to quickly pull evidence that two types of goods or services are related. For mark comparisons, ThorCheck can be used to find examples of mark co-existence or find similar or identical marks that differ only by the searched term, saving hours of manual research and letting you support your arguments with better evidence.

Related G/S identifies closely related goods using use-based registration data, helping you draft applications or steer clear of potential confusion risks.

TSDR export (as a stand-alone tool and integrated in our other tools) quickly generates PDFs of status and title copies from TSDR. Gathering evidence to support an Office Action Response or TTAB argument now takes only seconds.

ThorCheck Report
Related G/S Report

Academic Use

TM TKO is always free for academic research, classroom, or clinical use, and is used by many clinics across the country. We are happy to arrange for video conferences to help you or your class get the most out of our research platform.